I used to HATE cooking.

The most I could do was make some mac n' cheese out of the box. But once I started cutting out processed foods, sugar, and frozen meals I realized this was one skill I was going to have to get better at.


Fast forward 2 years, and I now consider myself to be an excellent whole foods cook; it's actually the reason I started my Instagram account in the first place, which in turn became one of my biggest passions. Cooking with whole foods is an amazing experience of using flavor, color, and taste to give your body amazing health benefits- and leave everyone you cook for very impressed.

Let me teach you the basics of how to cook using real foods from the earth, so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made!

(soggy cauliflower pizza, over-cooked beans, under-cooked casseroles, extraaa salty pasta, chunky smoothies, and some major soup disasters just to name a few!)

Available in St. Louis, MO and surrounding regions currently.

Real Food Cooking Basics videos also available no matter where you are located in the world!

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