Shaheera, 33

Ashley’s approach to health and wellness is not just physical, it is emotional and mental. She prioritizes longevity in results - in EVERY aspect, and it shows. 


When we worked on nutrition — she guided me in understanding the magic of food as medicine for mental and emotional well-being, not just physical. I have become a consistent person, which I never was before. She changed my mindset around food and wellness, and it has changed my life, honestly. It’s hard to find a holistic health professional who educates and coaches on self-awareness and self-love. This has been an all-encompassing experience. 

There is truly nothing more rewarding than investing in your health and it shows inside and out.  I feel, move, and look noticeably different, and I am so happy and at peace. The results from her programs are amazing. 


Faith, 23


My time spent with Ashley doing this honest work has been imperative to my healing in every aspect of my life. Ashley left no stone unturned in supporting and encouraging and pushing me to discover myself, taking each necessary step to regain, and in some cases, gain for the first time, control over my life. I am left feeling confident and assured in myself and my ability to nurture and care for myself, mind, body, and soul, in a way I didn’t think possible- all thanks to Ashley’s careful and mindful guidance.


I can genuinely say that my life is infinitely changed since working with Ashley and I know I will reap the harvest of the seeds she’s helped me sow for myself, the fruits I’ll rejoice in for as long as I am living. If there are angels among us, Ashley is surely one of them. Thank you Ashley for your true and passionate work and for inspiring me to live out my divine purpose.


Susan, 55

Mature Woman Closed Eyes

Ashley taught me SO MUCH about nutrition and how different foods and supplements treat or hurt/challenge our guts and health goals.  She used multiple methods of teaching, including discussion, hands-on preparing and cooking foods, providing materials, and reinforcing the learning at the end and beginning of each session.  She had a plan and goals for each session and was prepared. In addition to teaching about nutrition, she also coached and encouraged me as I became more mindful regarding balance in my life between taking care of my family, myself, and my work commitments.

It was the combination of focus on both what I put into my body and on how I ‘treat’ myself in terms of my time and energy commitments that enabled the life-changing impacts. I had never really understood the mind/body connection, nor believed it was a major factor in my personal health challenges. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

Ashley artfully led me through stages of getting real with myself on how I was self-sabotaging; establishing vision for what I desperately wanted and needed to change; and then putting her teaching and coaching into action.  I wasn’t always the easiest student; old habits of thinking are hard to break. Yet she patiently encouraged me without once making me or allowing me to feel shame.

My physical, mental, and emotional health are so much better. So many things have changed. My ulcers have healed. I have re-established connections with dear friends. I have read books that I wanted to read for years. My time with my children is more meaningful, because I am fully present and engaged. I am allowing myself to heal from my recent surgery, rather than rushing it and feeling guilty for being out of commission. These are just some of the examples. Overall, I am feeding and balancing my nutrition and time differently.. and it feels so good!

Silla, 30


What an amazing experience it has been working with Ashley. She is very thoughtful, understanding, and knowledgable. She provides realistic and manageable steps and goals while encouraging self-reflection and patience during the journey. 


The work we did with food helped lead me to a path of understanding what a healthy relationship looks like and what it consists of in detail. I feel more educated, self-aware, less stressed, and less bloated!

"There is truly nothing more rewarding than investing in your health."

J, 26

Ashley truly gets to know you and learns what motivates you as an individual. That is how the program starts. Ashley does a deep dive of getting to know by asking a series of questions and has you develop your own goals. She then uses that knowledge to help you systematically work towards those goals. 

One of my biggest concerns was my energy levels and how I felt in general. I would come home tired and wouldn’t feel good after eating consistently. There would be times where I experienced indigestion and some bloating. Ashley helped me learn about why and what my body was telling me when I experienced those symptoms after eating. I am much more aware of my body’s communication in regards to what I put in my body. With eating healthier and exercising, I consistently have more energy. I am more peaceful and joyful. I have lost around 15 pounds and am going to the gym regularly. My follow through has increased greatly because I have learned, through the help of Ashley’s program, to think about the “why” when I am doing things.

My relationship with God has deepened greatly and this has affected all of the other aspects of my life in positive ways. I feel that my spiritual maturity and awareness of who God is has grown significantly. I feel better equipped to keep growing as an individual and as a believer of Christ.

Sunset Over the Mountains

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