Mindful Manna

A 30 day deep dive into authenticity through self-reflection, emotional growth, and a healthy lifestyle

"I definitely feel a deeper connection to God and an increased awareness of his presence in ways I had not before."

"I'm less bloated after meals, craving healthier snacks, feel an increase in energy levels, and a decreased amount of anxiety!"

"I love myself more than I did 30 days prior to starting this. This challenge pushes you to live a healthy lifestyle not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well."

The holistic challenge focused on

creating space for transformation




In our pursuit of good health, we strive to eat well and exercise, but can often neglect the inner workings of our mind and soul. If we overlook the healing and awareness God beckons us into, we are left struggling to feel healthy, balanced, or fulfilled. 

Intention is designed to walk you through a full spectrum of deep connection-

to your wonderful body, powerful spirit, and divine creator.

The Process


Mondays @ 7 PM CST via Zoom

Vibrant health starts in your kitchen. 

Cooking is a crucial skill in cultivating your best health- physically and mentally. 

You will receive a grocery list for each week of class. All recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and nutrient-dense;

and insanely delicious!



Avocado Toast

Blender Protein Pancakes

Breakfast Hash

Peanut Butter Protein Balls


Date Me Kale Salad

Asian Bok Choy Salad

Garlic Black Pepper Chicken

Honey Ginger Salmon


Mushroom Steaks

Mini Turkey Meatloafs


'Cheesy' Broccoli


Taco Bowls

Spaghetti Squash Pasta w/ Chickpeas

Chocolate PB Hemp Bars


3 Journal Prompts Weekly

Reflection is a big part of your process in INTENTION. One way that we facilitate reflection is through journal prompting. 

Each week you will receive three new journal prompts to work through, designed to bring you deeper clarity in several areas of your life.


 Why Though? 

Determining your specific WHY for this challenge.. and in every other area of your life. This is the foundation for all that you do.

Getting To The Root of Shame

After watching a video that outlines the biblical roots and reality of shame, you will discover how your personal shame holds you back from your purpose.


A strong focus on authenticity and what that looks, sounds, and feels like in your life.

Learn to Love Yourself

A deep dive into the shame or disconnect we experience with our bodies and personalities. Uncovering the roots of our disdain, and walking through an exercise to regain love and respect for the worthy woman God created you to be.

Stress Less

Taking an honest look at the stress levels in our life, and how we can take steps to tend to this important area of our health.


After listening to a podcast, reflecting on the process of simplicity in our lives, as followers of Jesus.

Goal Digger

Getting hyper-focused on your biggest goal by breaking down the details and creating action steps to move forward.

New Creation

After watching a video, this prompt will take you through a reflection process on living out righteousness and the realities of our fleshly struggle.

Comfort Is Poison

A blunt look at growth, vulnerability, and suffering in your daily life.


Walking through tangible steps of forgiveness- with others and ourselves.

Your Future Is Calling

Reflection on the past 30 days, with a focus on setting future goals. 

Bonus Tool

The Vault

Vaults are a powerful tool- think of it as your coach, therapist, and best friend all in one. Vaults are a specific prompt that take your thoughts, ideas, worries, fears, anger, and confusion (AKA triggers) into a process that ends with clarity and revelation. As a part of INTENTION you get access to vaults, and all the beautiful clarity that comes with them!