Mindful Manna

The 30 day community challenge designed to help you lose weight, gain energy, and connect with God.

"I definitely feel a deeper connection to God and an increased awareness of his presence in ways I had not before."

"I'm less bloated after meals, craving healthier snacks, feel an increase in energy levels, and a decreased amount of anxiety!"

"I love myself more than I did 30 days prior to starting this. This challenge pushes you to live a healthy lifestyle not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well."

The holistic challenge focused on

creating space for transformation




In our pursuit of good health, we strive to eat well and exercise, but can often neglect the inner workings of our mind and soul. If we overlook the healing and awareness God beckons us into, we are left struggling to feel healthy, balanced, or fulfilled. 

Intention is designed to walk you through a full spectrum of deep connection-

to your wonderful body, powerful spirit, and divine creator.

The Process


Recipes for healthy balance, structured meals, and less time obsessing over what to eat!

Oh, and dang tasty!


Weekly Journal Prompts 

Reflection is a big part of your process in INTENTION- this is how we work through anxiety and stress, learn to love our bodies, step into purpose, and feel the presence of God. One way that we facilitate reflection is through journal prompting. 

Each week you will receive journal prompts to work through, designed to bring you deeper clarity in several areas of your life.


Accountability creates change.

In fact, studies show us that women are more likely to lose weight, stay motivated, and continue with healthy habits if they work towards goals with others.


INTENTION is facilitated through an online group for connection and accountability.


As part of this challenge, you are committing to showing up and engaging with other women working to become their best selves- just like you. 


Action without knowledge feels more like duty than desire. If you crave physical, emotional, and spiritual health- you'll want to understand the why + how. 

Each week you will receive a new education module that teaches you information that is crucial to your health so that you can understand how to cure your digestive issues and lose weight for good. Think of these as the health classes you WISH you would have had!

Module 1

Balanced Eating

How to eat for energy and longevity

Module 2

Microbiome 101

All you need to know about gut health + how to support it

Module 3

Stress + Sleep

Key pillars for health + vibrancy 

Module 4

Understanding Your

Feminine Wisdom

How to balance your hormones and live in

sync with your cycle phases 

Meet The Creator

ashley black n white.jpeg

Ashley created INTENTION to fulfill her vision of empowering women in freedom, joy, and truth. As someone who has walked the path of disconnect and suffering in her body and spirit, her heart burned to help others navigate their health; not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. She is passionate about congruence of the body and spirit, simplicity as a pathway to peace, and radical relationship with Jesus. 

What Women Are Saying

Shaheera, 33

Ashley’s approach to health and wellness is not just physical, it is emotional and mental. She prioritizes longevity in results - in EVERY aspect, and it shows. 


She guided me in understanding the magic of food as medicine for mental and emotional well-being, not just physical. I have become a consistent person, which I never was before. She changed my mindset around food and wellness, and it has changed my life, honestly. It’s hard to find a holistic health professional who educates and coaches on self-awareness and self-love. This has been an all-encompassing experience. 

There is truly nothing more rewarding than investing in your health and it shows inside and out.  I feel, move, and look noticeably different, and I am so happy and at peace. The results are amazing. 


"I love myself more than I did 30 days prior to starting this challenge"

By doing this challenge, it really helped me to get myself "on track" and create real habits that affect my overall health. Proving to myself I can do this, it gets easier each day and then becomes a habit. If a day gets away from me and I am not able to execute the goals for that day, I can feel the effect of this. This encourages me even more to stay on track. It has also encouraged me to set more goals for myself for little things that in reality lead to big accomplishments. I have much less bloating after meals, I'm craving healthier snacks, have increased energy levels, and a decreased amount of anxiety.


As a Christian, during the past 30 days, I have spent much more time in prayer with God.  I definitely feel a deeper connection to God and an increased awareness of his presence in ways I had not before. He is teaching me how to give him more of the things that cause me worry and being more at peace with His Will for me, versus my own.  He showed me his unending grace. Through the past 30 days, I have learned to not be so hard on myself and truly practice presence over perfection. God's love for me has helped me to forgive myself more and also others who have caused me hurt.  


The cooking sessions were so much fun and all of the food was SO delicious. Through adapting new ways of cooking, I definitely feel like I have "fell in love" with my food again and have realized that healthy cooking definitely doesn't mean sacrificing how great my food tastes. I love the idea of how healthy eating is not just about losing weight. It makes you feel better overall. I have improved in so many ways with planning my meals and the meal prep for weekday lunches. In future challenges, I would like to learn more ways to create meals that are gluten free and dairy free and/or making a healthier version of my favorite meals. I actually get excited about using these new cooking techniques and recipes. 

I have found myself being more patient with myself and in turn with others. I have been reminded my most important relationship starts with God and then my other relationships flow better. I am realizing in some cases, spending less time with people who "drain" me emotionally allows me to be more present for those who share in a true mutual relationship. 


I love myself more than I did  30 days prior to starting this challenge. I feel more like "me" and not just someone moving through each day taking on task after task and not stopping to rest my mind. I am taking more things to God when I am struggling with a decision regardless of what it is, big or small.  My mindset has changed so much with consistent practice and creating new and healthier habits, spiritually, physically and mentally. I truly feel like a brand new version of me. It is amazing!

Malora, 51

"This honest work has been imperative to my healing in every aspect of my life. I am left feeling confident and assured in myself and my ability to nurture and care for myself, mind, body, and soul, in a way I didn’t think possible- all thanks to Ashley’s careful and mindful guidance.


I can genuinely say that my life is infinitely changed and I know I will reap the harvest of the seeds she’s helped me sow for myself, the fruits I’ll rejoice in for as long as I am living."


Faith, 23

Tara, 28

"The challenge pushes you to live a healthy lifestyle not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. 


I have more energy and I'm open to different (healthier) foods now as well as getting creative on my own as opposed to depending on recipes. I'm praying again and looking forward to quiet times and devotions and I learned that even though I thought I had forgiven some people in my life, I hadn't. So I learned how to walk through that process to truly forgive.

 Ashley helped us be very, very specific to reach our goal. She broke down each step into small, achievable goals. By doing this, reaching my end goal felt attainable and concrete because I had a plan. I had steps to take to reach my end goal. It didn't seem like an impossible feat anymore. We also wrote love letters to ourselves, which I had never done. It made me proud of myself, all I have overcome, how I have turned out- my qualities, relationships, and achievements.

I am becoming more bold and leaning on God to give me courage in my career and my future plans. I have been so comfortable in my jobs that I didn't want to take a risk to find something more fitting or risky because I was afraid of failure. Now I feel strong, courageous and equipped with God by my side. My story has power; It shows God's faithfulness, His promise, His provision, His comfort, and His faithfulness. I am proud of my story and I am excited to share it with the world to show God's love and power over my life. Through this challenge my thoughts began to change about shame vs. guilt. God is not ashamed of me. Once I learned that, our relationship began to change. I wanted to talk to Him because I wasn't hiding from him anymore.

The members were also very supportive and caring so it created an open, honest, and loving environment which made it easier to be authentic."


"I feel strong, courageous, and equipped with God by my side."