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Emotional intelligence transforms the relationship between yourself and God, equips you to become powerful over anxiety & depression, and empowers you to live out the abundant life.

Do you feel bored and frustrated with your spiritual life, as if you are at a dead-end road?

Do you struggle to prioritize daily intimacy with God?
Do you find yourself constantly worrying about what others think of you?
Are you constantly focused on achieving or perfection?

You need fresh wind & fresh fire..

You want to embody a zealous, Spirit-filled woman of God- but you just feel stuck, frustrated, and tired of trying. 
You want to access peace and clarity in discerning decisions in daily life, but you feel chaotic, incredibly busy, and anxious. 
You want to share the love of God with those around you and shine as the light Christ has called you to be, but you are plagued with fear of what others think of you.


Warrior Woman

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The 90 day Spirit-led & designed mentorship program that will fast-track you into eliminating anxiety & depression, cultivating deep intimacy with the Lord, and growing your daily discernment.

We will be working intimately together through the practical and supernatural to prioritize your spiritual practices, restore your heart to complete freedom over anxiety, and cultivate clarity over your purpose.

This is a deep dive into the heart space to create clarity, deconstruct and restore mindsets, and grow your personal connection to God. 

Created for the woman who wants..

Mentorship, encouragement, and revelation that transforms the heart and soul.


Connection with herself & God in a powerful, uninhibited way. 


A safe space to talk about what you’ve gone through and what you’re going through.


An environment that validates, encourages, and challenges you to produce personal growth. 


To become a Warrior Woman that wars in the spirit, connects on the deepest level with the Living God, and produces good fruit.

"There is no price that can be placed on these life changing teachings."

- Malora

"I can’t emphasize my gratitude enough. I am truly a better person because of the program, and that has such a ripple effect."

- Jordan

Battle Plan

I will make an everlasting covenant: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me. I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul. 

Jeremiah 32:40


Revealing the lies that impact identity & manifest shame & guilt 


Replacing confusion & chaos with a sound mind & clarity on who God is & who you are 


Restoring your power, authority, and love for God to embody the Warrior Woman

The Method

Head to Heart

Cultivating Discernment

Articulating the Inner World

Here's what Faith has to say...


My time spent with Ashley doing this honest work has been imperative to my healing in every aspect of my life. Ashley left no stone unturned in supporting and encouraging and pushing me to discover myself, taking each necessary step to regain, and in some cases, gain for the first time, control over my life. I am left feeling confident and assured in myself and my ability to nurture and care for myself, mind, body, and soul, in a way I didn’t think possible- all thanks to Ashley’s careful and mindful guidance.


I can genuinely say that my life is infinitely changed since working with Ashley and I know I will reap the harvest of the seeds she’s helped me sow for myself, the fruits I’ll rejoice in for as long as I am living. If there are angels among us, Ashley is surely one of them. Thank you Ashley for your true and passionate work and for inspiring me to live out my divine purpose.

What's Included?

12+ Hours of Education 

Spirit-led teaching modules designed to further your understanding of processing emotions, understanding yourself on a deeper level, & growing in relationship to God the Father, connection with the Holy Spirit, & abiding in Jesus Christ.

6 Live Coaching Calls

Live group coaching calls for continued revelation, processing, and mentorship. Understanding & embodiment happen through the act of verbal reflection in a space dedicated to nurturing growth. Intimate groups to ensure maximum results.

Private FB Group 

A private container for members to continue discussions on daily & weekly reflections of clarity, revelation, and encountering the presence of God. 

Everything in your life flows from your connection to God 


Including but not limited to....




Health habits















Parenting Skills

This is the growth & transformation you've been praying for


Join the next group! 

What Women Are Saying

Ashley artfully led me through stages of getting real with myself on how I was self-sabotaging; establishing vision for what I desperately wanted and needed to change; and then putting her teaching and coaching into action.  I wasn’t always the easiest student; old habits of thinking are hard to break. Yet she patiently encouraged me without once making me or allowing me to feel shame.

My physical, mental, and emotional health are so much better. So many things have changed. I have re-established connections with dear friends. I have read books that I wanted to read for years. My time with my children is more meaningful, because I am fully present and engaged. I am allowing myself to heal from my recent surgery, rather than rushing it and feeling guilty for being out of commission. These are just some of the examples. Overall, I am feeding and balancing my time differently.. and it feels so good!


This has been an all-encompassing experience. There is truly nothing more rewarding than investing in your health and it shows inside and out. To say that I am lucky to have met Ashley is an understatement. She has become a true friend and a consistent force of nurturing energy in my day-to-day. I would not be where I am without her. I feel, move, and look noticeably different, and I am so happy and at peace.

- Shaheera

Ashley is a God-loving genuine person who cares deeply about what she does and her clients. She is dedicated to her clients growth and has wide-delta of knowledge to coach each of her clients. Ashley loves what she does and her passion is very evident. She truly believes in what she is doing and is driven. She is encouraging and helps hold you accountable in a very positive way. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow as a person. This has been a life changing experience for me. I can’t emphasize my gratitude enough. I am truly a better person because of the program, and that has such a ripple effect. I am a better family member, friend, teacher, and I have learned to truly love myself. I am more aware of who God is and have deepened my relationship with him. I am truly excited about the future and can’t wait to see what God has in store. 


I had never experienced true peace in my life. Now, I feel like I'm not frantically worried about checking off a to-do list or running from one thing to the next, never taking a minute to breathe. I'm so much more mindful of my time and how I take care of myself. Getting through a day without being anxious or exhausted has been huge for me. I also realized I wasn't feeling true joy, so when I started experiencing peace and my relationship to God grew stronger and stronger, I felt much happier. Peace is what gave me the ability to know joy.

Falling in love with God is what makes you fall in love with yourself, and that's what this journey has really been for me. 

- Christian