You've Tried The Whole Eating Healthy Thing Before.

(In fact, you may even feel anxious at the thought of trying again because nothing seems to stick!)

Although you understand the benefits of eating well and becoming a healthier version of yourself, it takes more time and work than you can give right now. 

It's understandable. You have never-ending to do lists and a family to spend time with. In your occasional free time you don't want to plan out a grocery list or meals.

You Feel Conflicted

Health is important, but life is too busy to put time and effort into it.

 for the busy individual ready to buckle down & take control of your health


Mindful Meal Plan



Mindful Meal Plan

a four week guide of daily recipes, grocery lists, and meal prep action sheets


This is not a diet program.

If you've followed one before, you know that diets never stick. 

Think of this as the foundation for a lifestyle change.

As a holistic health coach, I've created this meal plan to teach you how to start viewing your food with a different understanding than you ever have before. I like to call it food freedom. Understanding how to cook, eat, and ultimately enjoy whole foods will set you up for a lifetime of true health- and a better quality life. You will have all the necessary tools to shop for groceries, keep you prepared, and cook meals that will nourish and sustain you throughout the day. 

My goal is to help you create habits surrounding food that continue to impact your lifestyle forever. 

This is a tailored approach on how to begin shopping, cooking, and eating your way to a healthier life.


Daily Outline of Meals

Monday through Friday.




Forgot what you're gonna have for lunch? Just check your outline.


I've got you covered on what you'll be eating every day of the work week.

Sunday's are for grocery shopping.

Or Saturday's if you enjoy big crowds of people..

Either way, you'll be in and out with a list that covers all the recipes for the week. 

No more grocery store anxiety! 

Meal Prep Action Sheet

Meal Prep.

Does that phrase freak you out?

Don't worry. This doesn't mean ground beef and rice everyday for lunch.

This action sheet helps you to prep ingredients and a few meals for the week, such as protein, grains, and some chopping.

Being prepared is key, and this action sheet will help you accomplish just that.


Weekly Grocery List

Meet Your Meal Plan Creator

As someone who once suffered from IBS, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, and intense debilitating migraines, I understand how miserable it feels to be out of alignment with your health. Healing myself through eating a whole foods diet and regaining vibrant health set me on a path of discovery and education for others. I became a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. I learned from over 100 of the top functional medicine doctors and leaders in holistic health at the largest nutrition school in the US. I work one on one with my clients and repeatedly get to witness the powerful transformative effects they experience through the lens of mindfulness surrounding their food and lifestyle choices. I am also a public speaker, writer, and avid whole foods cook. My mission is to inspire, educate, and empower others to live a high-quality life through nourishment of the body. I'm so grateful to be a health coach and work with amazing people who find the willpower and inspiration to change their lives for the better.




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More Questions? Keep Reading!

How Do I Receive

The Meal Plan?

Once your order is complete, you'll receive your meal plan within the week. The meal plan comes to you in a Google Drive Format, so that you can easily access all of the pieces without scrolling forever! I recommend printing everything, and putting it into a binder. The grocery lists will be much easier to use if you have them printed.

What If I Have An Allergy?

Going through the checkout process you will have the option to write in any comments or requests you have for your meal plan. I will communicate over e-mail to confirm with you that your requests are met. 

Will These Meals Actually Keep Me Full?

Yes! I have designed all of the meals to be nourishing and satisfying! If you are someone who does heavy workouts, or needs extra protein, you can easily double the portion sizes to accommodate your needs.


These meal plans are created with the intention of giving you stability and accountability. I want you to feel 100% confident in your choice to pursue vibrant health, because I believe it to be one of the most important choices you can make. If you have further questions or need support please e-mail me at