I'm Ashley Molina.

I am a passionate holistic health coach.

For as long as I can remember, empathy and compassion have been the biggest attributes of my personality. Once I healed myself through diet from chronic migraines, IBS, chronic fatigue, and many other issues- my heart burned with desire to help others in a similar way.


It is my purpose and passion to see others live happy, vibrant lives- so that they may serve those around them in a more authentic and loving way. I believe this is the way in which we can make a huge impact in this world. 

I live my life with extreme day to day gratitude. I am at my happiest when hiking in the mountains or swimming in the ocean. My love for nature birthed a major passion in me for landscape photography, and I find beauty in everything created on this planet (the nature photos you see on my site are my personal photography!) I'm often in my kitchen, at the gym, or reading a good book in the sunshine.


I am consistently working towards a simpler way of life than the world has presented to me, by creating a more mindful holistic attitude, because I believe in just that- simple, joyful living.