3- Ingredient Salad Dressing

This might surprise you..

Although many people incorporate salads into their diet to reap health benefits, they are unknowingly drowning the salad in an unhealthy salad dressing. Most conventional salad dressing found in restaurants and on the shelves of grocery stores are filled with junk. Excess sugar, inflammatory oils such as canola and vegetable oil, and chemicals and stabilizers to keep the dressing shelf-ready. Once I realized this was the case, I learned how to make my own salad dressings and I quickly realized- it was incredibly simple! Salad dressings are easy to throw together once you understand the base for different types of dressings- most use a neutral tasting oil, acid, and sweetener. On this week's episode of The Mindful Minute I show you how to make a simple balsamic vinegeratte- sweet, tangy, and slightly creamy (although no dairy!) I hope you'll tune in and try making this for your next salad adventure. Tag me in a photo if you do!

Health + Happiness, Ashley


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