5 Minute Healthy Snack- Spicy Cashew Dip

Updated: Jun 22

We all want a guilt-free snack that leaves us feeling energized and healthy..

But most of us are still turning to chips, cookies, and candy bars to satisfy our mid-day hunger.

Unfortunately these snacks are completely devoid of nutrients and do more harm than good for the body.

They also leave us feeling fatigued.

This is because when consuming lots of refined carbs (think a bag of potato chips) or sugar (cookies/candy bars) we end up with a blood sugar crash. This crash is what leaves us feeling ready for a nap after eating! This week on The Mindful Minute I wanted to show you an *incredibly* simple dip that I keep around for snacking. In fact, I love making dips and using them for snacks and salad dressings throughout the week. The best part about dips (other than the flavor) is that you can use raw veggies to dip.. which means more plant-based nutrition for your body!

But hey, no judgement if you choose to go with some high-quality tortilla chips instead ;)