Dieting VS. Intuitive Eating

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Intuitive eating is a method I teach my clients as a holistic health coach.

One of the primary focuses of my studies at The Integrative Institute of Nutrition was bio-individuality. This means that we all have different food likes, dislikes, and allergies!

Each body is unique, and responds differently to specific foods.

Intuitive eating focuses on a fresh, whole foods diet (way of eating- not restrictive protocol) but encourages listening and learning from the body to determine your personalized approach to health and wellness. This creates confidence in food choices, and helps our bodies to *feel* their very best!

The studies show us the truth- diets are just not effective.

This is primarily because they are so restrictive, and leave us no room for food freedom.

Studies show that even people who lose weight on diets, end up gaining back MORE weight than when they originally started!

In this video I describe the main differences between dieting and intuitive eating. I hope this helps you to better understand the main differences and leaves you with the impression that dieting isn't the best way to lose weight and feel better!

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