COVID-19 + Holistic Health

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Corona Virus.

It sounds rather unsavory doesn't it?

It has been called a hoax, a left/right wing agenda, a massive problem, not-worse-than-the-flu,

a destructive force of economy, a fear-tactic, a construct of modern media and much more.

The fact is, Corona has truly impacted the world- and the people are starting to feel it.

For days I've been thinking about what to say in a video on YouTube, or how to talk about it on my Instagram feed. After-all, my profession is in health-care. My life is built on the foundation of good health, strong immunity, and positivity- I want to be involved in some way.

There is so much confusion, fear, and panic settling over the world right now- it seems wrong to say nothing at all; yet, it can be difficult to articulate solid thoughts during a time such as this.

So I took a few deep breaths and wrote out my thoughts on C0VID-19.

Healthy Fear vs. Panic