The Most Important Aspect To Hitting Your 2021 Goals..

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Here's what you're going to hear a lot of when setting goals-

"Write it down. Goals that are written down will be more successful." "Have accountability- coach, friend, group, etc." "Lose 10 pounds in January, and then you'll be motivated to keep going!" "You have to have the MOTIVATION and drive to be better. Without that, you'll never succeed!" While there is some truth to all of the above statements, they disregard the biggest aspect of truly reaching your goals and staying consistent- The internal process that leads to external results. You see, we are all multi-faceted human beings. There are many components of your being that drive your desires, motivations, and dreams. There are also just as many components that influence your failure to achieve what you desire. Without addressing what's going on in your head and your heart, you'll either reach success that will not be sustainable or you'll give up along the way. Oftentimes, when we fail, the stories we believe are triggered- "I'm just not good enough." "She's just so motivated.. I'm not that type of person." "It's not worth the effort or the discomfort." "Success is only for that kind of person." "It's just too much for me right now." "I don't have the time." We tell ourselves it's just too hard and use that as our excuse to give up.. when in reality, it's much more difficult to live in the consequences of our failed attempts. The by-product of growth and change is facing yourself. When you reach a goal, it isn't just your weight or your lack of debt that changes.. it's also you as a person. You have to learn a new, different way of doing things. You have to work through what you've always known, how you've always thought, and who you've always been to substantiate change. You have to face yourself. The hard truth is that we avoid facing our weaknesses because we are afraid to completely face ourselves. It's comfortable to stay the same, but comfort is a cheap alternative to living out your full potential. God designed us to embrace discomfort and adversity. We are hard-wired to overcome because we live in a broken world with many challenges. We constantly have to overcome adversity and when we come out on the other side we get to experience our true strength, worthiness, power, confidence, and purpose. We are also able to fully embrace the gift of God's power in our weakness. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9 As you work towards your goals this year, whether that be succeeding in your marriage, reducing stress, getting your sex drive back, or eating less sugar; it's crucial to understand that there will be an internal process that matters just as much as the external achievement. This is why my coaching is rooted in the holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and soul. We cannot ignore any piece of the puzzle, or we will be left with an unfulfilled picture of our full potential. If you are ready to embrace the work that needs to be done and face yourself, I'm here to coach you through it. I've worked with so many amazing women this year who have taken complete control of their lives by working through the internal process that is crucial in executing their biggest goals. Below are some examples of the powerful women who have worked with me this past year. "Ashley taught me so much about nutrition and how different foods and supplements treat or hurt/challenge our guts. She used multiple methods of teaching including discussion, providing materials, and reinforcing the learning at the end and beginning of each session. In addition to teaching about nutrition, she also coached and encouraged me as I became more mindful regarding my balance in life between taking care of my family, myself, and my work commitments. "It was the combination of focus on both what I put in my body and on how I 'treat' myself in terms of my time and energy commitments that enabled the life-changing impacts. I had never really understood the mind/body connection, nor believed it was a major factor in my personal health challenges. I couldn't have been more wrong!" "Ashley's approach to health and wellness is not just physical, it is emotional and mental. She prioritizes longevity in results- in EVERY aspect, and it shows. She guided me in understanding the magic of food as medicine for mental and emotional well-being, not just physical."

"Both my physical and mental/emotional health are so much better since working with Ashley. SO many things have changed. I have re-established connections with dear friends and read books I've wanted to read for years. My time with my children is more meaningful because I am fully present and engaged. I am allowing myself rest without feeling guilty. These are just a few small examples. I feel so good!" The first step in facing yourself is making the conscious decision to do so. This is not a light decision. It requires you to fully commit to yourself and your growth. If you're ready to begin that process, reach out to me at and we will discuss how we can do that together. I'm rooting for you, and so is every other woman who has walked through the fire to live into their potential. Happy New Year!

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