Is Inflammation Causing You To Suffer In Silence?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Before I changed my health, and ultimately my life, I suffered daily.

I had sinus congestion, headaches, fatigue, constipation, pain in my joints after working out, and a hard time focusing. Not to mention my chronic debilitating migraines that caused me to take a blood thinning medication for 5 years, my intense irritable bowel syndrome, and a slew of hormonal issues.

My mental health wasn’t much better. Because my body often felt tired, achy, and sick I wasn’t particularly enjoying my life day to day. In fact, it felt like I was just making it through my days, ready to go to bed at night. Of course, every few months I came down with a cold or stomach bug, as well as getting the flu every single year.

I thought that issues such as pain in my body, headaches, sinus congestion, and sickness were all just normal everyday afflictions that every human experiences. I never questioned why I didn’t feel good, I just knew that I didn’t. When it came down to it, I blamed it on genetics, because it was the only answer I had heard others use for their ill health.

Can you relate to this?

These seemingly normal everyday symptoms that I was experiencing were not normal at all.

In fact, these symptoms were messengers. Messengers trying to show me that something was out of balance in my body and until I fixed it I would be living a low-quality life with pain and misery.