Orrrrr kale nah.

You may have had this leafy green once and swore off of it.

You may have never tried it due to how healthy (meaning not tasty) it looks.

Or you may eat it, but are always looking for new delicious ways to incorporate more of it..

The reality is, it would be an utter shame to miss out on ONE OF THE MOST NUTRITIONAL FOODS ON THE PLANET just because you've had badly prepared kale or you're too afraid to try it!

This leafy green isn't just for 'those healthy people.'

Kale does not discriminate!

Which means if you've never tried it, it's time.

Kale is chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and medicinal effects for the body.

Plus, it can be super tasty when prepared correctly.

This is one of my favorite simple salad recipes, and I hope you love it too!