Living In Sync With Your Hormonal Cycle

I've seriously loved creating this content about the hormonal cycle. It reminds me and invigorates me with the power of a life intentionally lived- in this case, with our bodily processes as women.

Supporting our hormones with nutritious food, regular exercise, and the reduction of toxins is crucial- but another aspect of this holistic approach is to live in sync with your cycle.

What I mean by this is understanding how hormonal changes through each phase make you feel and how that will impact your decisions, motivations, energy levels, and of course your body.

I want to help you bridge the gap and understand the way in which we can, as women, use the information of our cycles phases to benefit us.

Education alone is empowering- but it is how we utilize and use the information we learn that benefits us the most.

In the second episode of this series, we discuss how to lean into the wisdom of our cycles, and live in a way that is fluid with our cycle phases.

If you have not yet seen the first video of this series, you can watch it here.

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