Movement For Pain Relief: Foam Rolling + Why You Should Support Your Lymphatic System

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

This video is important to me.

I have suffered from neck and lower back pain since I was a waitress a few years ago. Using a foam roller, combined with stretching and regular exercise- I am able to live and move pain-free.

Foam rolling helps to relieve tension in my body. It's a slow movement exercise that anyone can do, and it helps to loosen fascia (connective tissue that runs throughout your body) to give you more flexibility and release pain points that may be stiff.

Even more amazing- foam rolling support the lymphatic system- a system that runs through your body and helps to keep you alive and well. The lymphatic system is highly fascinating. It removes toxins, keeps our blood pressure normal, and works in conjunction with the immune system to keep us well.

Best of all, foam rolling is free, can be done at home, and has massive benefits.

Watch the video to learn more about these benefits, and how to do three simple foam rolling exercises at your home or next time you are in the gym!

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