My Journey to Health and Wellness

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Well, here we are. It has taken me more time than I imagined to put this journey into words, because it is emotional and intense to string together all of the random, but beautifully orchestrated things that brought me to the place I am in now.

Let me start by saying I want to tell my story in the most authentic way I possibly can. My heart literally overflows with gratitude each day of my life for the healing that a healthier lifestyle and way of eating brought to my body; and that God had this amazing plan set for my life and purpose all along.

I want anyone and everyone reading this to understand, health is a constant journey- never a destination; and this is a story about how no matter who you are, where you are, and what you currently feel in mind, body, or soul- there is hope for better.


Starting at the beginning...

I grew up happy. My childhood was truly great, and I've realized that's more rare than I imagined it should be. My parents wholeheartedly loved and took great care of me and my brother, and I strive to one day be the parents they were and are to me. Our family, like most others, ate SAD or the Standard American Diet. We consumed lots of full-fat milk, drank tons of Tang, had candy and sweets very often, and snacked on goldfish, crackers, and PB&J's. Breakfast was usually waffles with syrup, cereal, or pop-tarts. Our dinner plate looked like a piece of meat, canned vegetables, and a starch. Restaurant food was a treat, and fast-food was very common for our lunches and snacks. We loved McDonalds so much, I had a birthday party there! I still feel a weird emotional attachment to their french fries...