Two Simple Ways To Cook Broccoli + Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables

I am always trying to rewind time in my mind.


Because I want to remember what it felt like when I first started switching to eating whole foods. I want to remember my exact pain points, those moments of frustration & confusion with how to cook and what to eat. I want to remember each moment that I was like "OooOOooOOoo! That's how you do that!"

So often, when I do this, what comes up is the vegetable thing.

Like, okay how can I incorporate more vegetables? I used to think that all I would ever eat was spinach and some frozen veggies (mixed corn + carrots mostly..) because this was all I knew how to make! Or at least, the only things I knew how to make taste good at that point.

This week on the Mindful Minute I decided to cover broccoli for this very reason.

I wish I would have learned this at the very beginning, because incorporating more broccoli (and cruciferous veggies in general) are vital to feeling your best!

In this video I cover all the amazing benefits of these lovely green vegetables, and show you two easy methods for cooking up some brocc at home!


If you have ever had nasty boiled broccoli at a restaurant that was soggy and had no flavor.. I am sorry. But this is not your typical restaurant brocc.. It is SO much better. So, be prepared to actually enjoy broccoli. Okay. Moving on.

Steaming + Roasting.

Two beautiful methods for allllll vegetables- but particularly broccoli!

Watch this video.

Make yourself some broccoli with dinner tonight, or lunch tomorrow.

Make it for your mom, or your friend.

Just try and make it.

Each new vegetable you experiment with, cooking method you try, and flavor you experience is benefitting you.

You are one step closer to eating good mood food, every dang time.

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