Why Do I Hate Myself?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I never thought I had a problem with the way I thought about myself.

I would watch my friends and observe how insecure they were;

Always thinking they were the reason the guy left them.

Thinking they weren't smart enough to voice an opinion or make a change.

Feeling uncomfortable about who they were, and how they looked.

I was, and always have been bold, opinionated, and confident.

We are all wired in certain ways, and these characteristics are a major part of the person I am.

So, I equated my opinionated and seemingly confident demeanor to the value I saw in myself.

I told myself I wasn't like them.

Or you.

Or any other human with major insecurities.

But the more I started seeking out truth from every angle of my life, voicing my real feelings, and trying to be who I really felt I was, the more the truth of my biggest insecurities started to seep out.

The thing is, you can't claim to be a pacifist and go about punching people when you're upset.

You can't call yourself a vegan , if you *only* eat meat once a week.