Stomach pains, constipation, and baggy clothes to hide the constant bloat..


    Sound familiar?

I know the feeling.

Doctors told me that my IBS or irritable bowel syndrome was incurable. Basically, I was left to believe that my body betrayed me with a faulty digestive system and bad genetics. 

IBS left me feeling broken, insecure, and of course in a lot of pain.

But here's the best news you'll hear all day (or maybe even all year!)


It is possible to live life with regular digestion, without stomach pains, and feeling confident in a tight dress.

All it takes is some motivation, accountability, and education to get you there. Keep scrolling to read about my program.

6 Month Beat The Bloat Program 

There are two main components of pursuing vibrant health:

Lifestyle Factors

These factors include healthy stress management, awareness of emotions, work/life balance, joy, exercise, relationships, and everyday mindfulness.

Often in our pursuit of good health, we strive to eat well and exercise often.. but we neglect the inner workings of our mind and soul. You can eat kale all day, have six-pack abs, and a closet full of cute shoes.. but if you're stuck in negative thought processes or rushing through life you will never feel truly balanced or healthy.

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Vibrant lasting health starts in your kitchen

Although most of us in our culture view cooking as a waste of time, it is a crucial skill in cultivating true health; i.e. weight loss, optimal digestion, energy, beauty benefits, and so much more.

Understanding how to harness the power of your food for better health, healing, and satisfaction is of utmost importance on your journey.

So how does it work?

Spend 1 hour on lifestyle

Spend 1 hour on cooking

Meet 2x a month / 2 hours

We meet twice a month in your home.

Each session lasts two hours.

Once you sign up, we decide on a day and time that we keep for the next 6 months.

We spend the first

hour talking about your goals, aspirations, and lifestyle factors- working through blocks that keep you from achieving your

ideal life.

We end this hour with

clear action steps for you

to work on before we

meet again.

Each week prior to our session you will receive a grocery list.

In our second hour

together, we cook.

Keep scrolling to find out more about the types of food you will learn to cook!

What are we cooking?

Only the good stuff.

All of the food we prepare is free of processed ingredients, gluten, refined sugar and dairy.

My goal is to empower and inspire you with the basic foundation of a whole foods diet.. that tastes really good.

We start with learning how to prepare tasty vegetables, grains, greens, and protein with some light meal prep tips.

After that we move into the fun stuff like smoothies, snacks, and sweets!

Once you finish the program you'll feel confident preparing meals that keep your stomach problems at bay, nourish you deeply, and taste absolutely delicious. 

Let's talk!

Fill out the form below to set up a complimentary consultation with Ashley to see if the program is right for you. 


—  Susan

"Ashley taught me SO MUCH about nutrition and how different foods and supplements treat or hurt/challenge our guts and health goals.  She used multiple methods of teaching, including discussion, hands-on preparing and cooking foods, providing materials, and reinforcing the learning at the end and beginning of each session. 


 In addition to teaching about nutrition, she also coached and encouraged me as I became more mindful regarding balance in my life between taking care of my family, myself, and my work commitments. It was the combination of focus on both what I put into my body and on how I ‘treat’ myself in terms of my time and energy commitments that enabled the life-changing impacts. I had never really understood the mind/body connection, nor believed it was a major factor in my personal health challenges. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

Ashley artfully led me through stages of getting real with myself on how I was self-sabotaging; establishing vision for what I desperately wanted and needed to change; and then putting her teaching and coaching into action.  I wasn’t always the easiest student; old habits of thinking are hard to break. Yet she patiently encouraged me without once making me or allowing me to feel shame.

I would recommend Ashley to everyone who is seeking better physical and/or emotional health; especially those who have tried other methods, diets, exercise, etc., only to fall back into old habits of thinking and doing."


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